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INKAA started with a dream, to create a business that would respect Malaysian craftsmanship and artisans involved in the production. We wanted to push for innovation and create fashionable products engaging passionate people from Malaysia.


We are proud to say that we are now working with more that 40 artisans around Malaysia including batik makers and mengkuang weavers in Terengganu. We also work with several communities of tailors such as Tapai, a collaborative of differently-abled artisans in Terengganu, and Mang Tha, a group of talented women tailors in Kuala Lumpur. 

Our products feature hand-blocked batiks from Terengganu in Malaysia. We work directly with the artisans to create fashionable items based on their skills and profound knowledge of the craft. 

We have also developed an exquisite collection of mengkuang-woven accessories handcrafted in Terengganu by a collective of weavers under HKY Collections. We named one of the bags after its creator, Khadijah. 

What started as business collaborations gradually became actual friendships.


We are not in the business of changing the world. But the world will eventually change with their stories.

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