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General Information:

INKAA is a social enterprise that aims to empower its collaborating communities. We place a very high importance on respect, patience and generosity in our work. We seek to promote our artisans through our products and showcase their skills. Working at INKAA is a thrilling experience because you get to meet many different people from different places. Our communities are based in Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur. As such moving around is part of the experience.


1) Communication skills: Being able to express ideas and thoughts in a clear way.

2) Interpersonal skills: Being able to deal with people who do not necessarily speak your language and efficiently reach a mutual understanding.

3) Empathy and patience: working with artisans from different backgrounds needs constant adaptation and empathy. 

4) English is a must. Malay is a bonus.

5) Initiatives: we appreciate initiatives and look for creative and free-minded people.

6) Sense of responsibility: be responsible for your work, deliver the best you can.


If interested please send you CV and motivation letter to:

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