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Why not learn more about batik by making your own?


Be a part of keeping the tradition alive and have a hands-on experience of creating your own batik design! As part of the batik class, you will be using the traditional methods of canting (hand-drawn batik) and batik cop (block stamp batik), the same techniques used by our artisans.

After making your batik, you can use your design to create a bespoke INKAA product. Choose between creating a t-shirt, face-mask, pouch or scrunchie with your unique design.

We host our batik classes at our studio in The Zhongshan Building, (on the rooftop, weather permitting).

Above all, we want our classes to be a space to express your creativity with this treasured art form. We can't wait to see what you create!

You will get to learn and experience:

  1. Introduction on the materials and tools of batik, followed by the various techniques of applying wax for batik.

  2. You will be provided with an A3-sized batik frame for batik canting /stamping /brushing to create your own patterns and express your creativity.

  3. Next, we will go through the dye preparation and color mixing (from primary to secondary and tertiary colors), and batik-dyeing techniques.

You will bring home:

  • Your batik artwork; or

  • Have your work made into wearable products by our refugee women artisans at an additional cost (choose between a t-shirt, face-mask, pouch or scrunchie)

The classes are suitable for participants aged 16+ as we will be working with melted wax.


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Includes canting, batik cop, wax, dyes and fabric.


RM 99

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