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Exclusive Finely-Woven Kelarai Clutch - Red

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Product Details

This exclusive clutch is a unique piece, with only one unit ever made. It is intricately hand-woven with pandan leaves that went through labourious processes (cutting, thumping, drying, dyeing) before they are ready to be woven.

Khadijah Yong, who is the founder of HKY Collections, has personally hand-dyed these pandan strips with a selection of bold and vibrant colours. Her sense of aesthetics often stood out from the rest, with designs and colour palettes that would fit well in both kampung and modern homes, or even art galleries. The thoughtful merging of traditional techniques and contemporary colours have pushed the craft forward, and reflected her long-standing experience in the industry (over 32 years). She works with talented ladies in several villages across Terengganu throughout the production process.

It is truly a labour of passion and perseverance, and would be a conversational piece to the beholders.

Product details:

  • Measures 20cm (width) x 111cm (height) x 4.5cm (thickness)
  • Comes with a metal chain
  • Made with hand-woven mengkuang (pandanus) leaves, which are 100% natural
  • Handmade by HKY Collections, a collective of women-weavers

Care Instructions:

Can be wiped with damp cloth to remove dirt or stains. Alternatively, it can be spot-washed by hand with cool water and set out to dry.

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