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Mengkuang Sling Bag - Turquoise

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Product Details

Made with a combination of handmade batik and mengkuang leaves (pandanus), this sling bag is a true labour of passion and love. It is perfect for various occasions, from your daily outings to weekend trips and is intricately handmade by the women from HKY Collections in Terengganu, which requires over two days of labour. Simply elegant, chic and bold.

Product details:

  • Made with premium 100% hand-blocked Malaysian batik and mengkuang (pandanus) leaves from Terengganu.
  • The motif placement and colouring of each item varies due to the nature of handmade and hand-dyed textiles.
  • Very small production, to ensure the quality and exclusivity.
  • Size: (H) 17cm, (W) 5.5cm, (L) 22cm
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