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Updated: Jan 17, 2021

'I want my children to be happy and able to choose the life they want'

My name is Siang and I am 26 years old. My family and I decided to seek refuge in Malaysia as we felt afraid and threatened when the army seized my husband’s car business. Being a woman in Malaysia is much easier than Myanmar, as I get the opportunities to work and learn handicraft in a safe environment like Mangtha. Back in Myanmar, the only option for the women is farming. But sometimes I do miss Myanmar, especially for the cooler weather.

I learned how to sew at Mangtha, and now I work here as a tailor. Since I do not work outside Mangtha, I do not have many contacts with Malaysians. Sometimes I try to learn Malay so I could talk with the locals, but it is hard. Here, one of my constant fears is being sick because we would have to spend a lot to pay for the clinic. We hope to get resettled to another country one day, where we can get access to education and healthcare, and more importantly, a sense of security.

I have two children and they are my everyday inspirations.

Everything I do is for them to get a better life and education. I want my children to be happy and able to choose the life they want. My boy wants to be a pilot and my daughter wants to be a doctor. So I will do everything I can for them to achieve their dreams.


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