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Updated: Jan 17, 2021

'I am really grateful for the chance to work with INKAA.'

As a part of Christian community, I was persecuted by the Buddhist majority. The army came and arrested me when I was peacefully praying at the church during Christmas. After that, I knew I had to leave Myanmar for my own security. So Malaysia is my beacon of hope as I heard a lot about the country being more open and welcoming compared to its neighbours. I am happy when I can have the freedom to practice my religion.

Although I have been in Malaysia for about 10 years, I have very limited contact with the locals.I would love to be involved with the Malaysian society and meet more people. I do not need to have many friends, only one or two. But it is hard. I am still afraid of going out because I could get arrested by the police or immigration officers, despite possessing the UNHCR card. This makes me feel powerless.

When I am with my children, I always feel the presence of my parents who have passed away when I was young. I believe that they are proud of me and their grandchildren. Now that I am a parent, I want my children to receive a good education and have a better life. However, I think it will be difficult for them if we stay in Malaysia. I would like to earn enough money to open an orphanage. That is my dream, to help children around the world to have a good life and protection.

"I am really grateful for the chance to work with INKAA. Especially for the attention that you give to my life. I feel understood and listened to. This is something we don’t always receive, especially when we are refugees."
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