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Updated: Jan 17, 2021

'God and my kids are the most influential beings for me. They bring me all the joy I need in life'

My name is Mang and I am 39 years old. I arrived in Malaysia in 2011 with my daughters, to join my husband who came earlier. Back in Myammar, both my husband and father were pastors, which made us more prone to discrimination and violence. We decided to flee from Myammar after we were threatened by the military to put us in jail if we continued worshipping. All our identification documents were taken away.

Although Malaysia is very difficult for us, I feel that it is nicer than Myammar. Paradoxically, I feel less discriminated as a refugee in Malaysia than as a Chin citizen in Myammar. Most people treat us nicely here, except when we have to face the police or robbers. It would be great if we get to have more contact or relationship with the locals. Unfortunately, without the right to work, limited freedom to get around, and language barriers, we hardly get a chance to meet someone long enough for a proper conversation or relationship.

My husband is currently living outside KL (in the jungle) and he is working as a logger. I have four beautiful daughters; Louloune, Honou, Samboi and Kimpi. Loulone wants to be a singer and dancer, Honou and Samboi want to be doctors, and Kimpi is still very young. I want them to be educated and able to achieve their ambitions, and I will do everything in my power to help them. I think Malaysia is a good place to start - even if they can only attend the refugee school - they still have access to education.

God and my kids are the most influential beings for me. They bring me all the joy I need in life. Other than seeing my children succeed, my dream is to help people who suffer and struggle. Although I would like to help people who are struggling with the authorities in Myammar, I do not want to go back there - never. I’m also a Gospel singer and my best pride is to share the religion and love with others. I do not mind living in a country with diverse ethnics and religions like Malaysia. I accept that other people have different faith and I am happy that Malaysia allow me to practice my religion without pressure.

I would like to express my gratitude to INKAA - for giving me the opportunity to work and a platform to share my story. Working at Mang Tha allows me to have supporting income and be around my daughters*. Therefore, I pray for the collaboration between INKAA and Mang Tha to succeed, as it will improve our lives and give better opportunities for my daughters.

*Mang Tha provides nursery for the children of women who are part of the organisation


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